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Charlie picture galleries

Charlie Dimmock picture gallery 1

The best bits of Charlie (!) and Ground Force

Charlie Dimmock picture gallery 2

More of the same!

Charlie in glamour mode

Charlie in glamorous mode, plus Charlie as you will never have seen her before

Charlie at Gardeners' World

Photographs submitted by the website's visitors

Charlie Dimmock wallpaper

Choose Charlie for your desktop background

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Newspaper articles

Why men love Charlie Dimmock

Pictures and an accompanying text. But, remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Charlie Dimmock garden gnome

Article and a link to the manufacturer's web site

Charlie in the London Marathon

Charlie's training regime for the fund raising run

Ground Force news

Is this the end of Ground Force?

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Charlie's TV shows

Ground Force Goes to New York page 1

The Ground Force Team meet the New York Restoration Project to develop a wasteland plot in Manhattan as part of Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project

Ground Force Goes to New York page 2

Cheer for Charlie - page 1

Charlie trains to be a trapeze artist in Cottle and Austen's circus - Big bottom to Big Top!

Cheer for Charlie - page 2

Charlie's Gardening Neighbours - page 1

Charlie Dimmock presents a gardening series from Crick, in Northamptonshire. She guides six sets of neighbours through the stresses and strains of transforming their uninspiring plots into designer gardens.

Charlie's Gardening Neighbours - page 2

Charlie's Gardening Neighbours - page 3

Charlie's Gardening Neighbours - page 4

Charlie's Gardening Neighbours - page 5

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Fun pages

Warp Charlie

Customize Charlie with this popular fun page

Charlie Dimmock sliding puzzle

Shuffle Charlie to rebuild the picture

Charlie Dimmock jigsaw

No chance of losing any important pieces

Give Charlie some support!

Very popular jigsaw to download to your desktop

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Other pages

Charlie Dimmock F.A.Q.

Answers to all those things you always wanted to know about Charlie Dimmock

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Gardening & Charlie Dimmock links

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