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Charlie Dimmock

Frequently Asked Questions - Things you never knew about Charlie!

How big is Charlie? In what way, "big"? Oh, that way! Charlie is quoted as saying "I am actually not a very big-busted person" (size 36B). Of course you could always go to the Warp Charlie page and check for yourself! She says she weighs ten and a half stone,
is 5' 6" tall and wears a dress size 12, not that television viewers often see her in a dress, but you can see Charlie in glamorous mode here.

Why does Charlie Dimmock never wear a bra? Charlie cannot understand the fuss about her breasts. She says she simply does not like wearing a bra, and thinks they are uncomfortable for physical work. Would Charlie and Ground Force have achieved such a following if she did? Look at the photographs or go to the latest jigsaw page and decide for yourself.

Where can I buy a Charlie Dimmock garden gnome? This is the most frequently asked question! The gnomes (the sculptor prefers to call them "sculptoons") are made by Jeff Callaghan in his Northamptonshire workshop. You can also buy sculptoons of Alan Titchmarsh, Tommy Walsh, Russell Crowe (of Gladiators fame) and others. The gnomes are due to appear in a future Ground Force programme.

Can I buy a Ground Force video? Yes! There's a compilation tape produced by the BBC called Ground Force Dug Up! Described as "The best of Alan Titchmarsh, the most of Tommy Walsh and Charle Dimmock highlights!" Includes the obligatory out-takes. Essential video for all Ground Force fans! Click the link here to take you direct to the Amazon web page.

How old is Charlie? Charlie was born on August 10th 1966 in Southampton General Hospital and lives in Romsey, Hampshire. She is an only child, but her father has since remarried and she now has a ten year old half-sister called Jessica.

Why is she called Charlie? That's a boy's name isn't it? Charlie was christened Charlotte Elouise Dimmock, hence the Charlie part. Charlie's mother Sue wanted her to be called Daffodil or Dandelion, or Virgil if she was a boy. Charlie's father, Terry, preferred the name Elizabeth. Charlie Dimmock is fine, but Daffodil Dimmock !!

Is Charlie Dimmock married? No.

Does this site have a direct contact to Charlie Dimmock, or do you have an e-mail address for Charlie, or a postal address where I can contact her?
No, on all counts! Charlie Dimmock has her own website.

How do I apply for a Ground Force garden makeover? You need to go to the BBC's own website at

How did the BBC discover her? Charlie was manager of Mill Water Gardens in Romsey, Hampshire. In 1992 she did a one-off programme for the BBC (how to install a pond) after a BBC member of staff had visited the garden centre. Another five years passed before she was again contacted by the BBC, this time to become a member of the Ground Force team.

Note:- The owners of Mill Water Gardens closed them down at the end of September 2002 when they retired. They had been doing business there for 40 years. The owners said they did not want any more disturbance, and they are not selling the property on. (Thanks to web site visitor Mike Child for the news item.)

Has Charlie won any awards? She won the Butterkist Popcorn's "Best Giggler of 1999" award (True!), the Redhead of the Year 2000 award, and has been voted the public's top choice of fantasy neighbour and the hottest new talent of 1999.

Has Charlie appeared on any other television programmes? Apart from being a co-presenter on Ground Force, Charlie has presented her own series of Charlie's Wildlife Gardens and Charlie's Garden Army. She also appeared in a one off BBC special Cheer for Charlie that was broadcast on BBC1 - Thursday, 4th October 2001.

Where can I buy a Charlie Dimmock calendar? Charlie has produced two previous calendars, but there are no current Charlie calendars in UK shops. Sorry! It's said that Charlie hates doing glamour work, and with her new programme Charlie's Gardening Neighbours, plus producing books, regular newspaper columns etc. she probably wouldn't have time anyway.


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